Body, Mind and Soul

I began April with a promise to myself.
To push myself on three fronts that I hold as the definition of self.
1) Body 2) Mind and 3) Soul.
1) Body. I tracked and pushed my workout limitations. I learned the fundamental lifting (aka the big five) over the past 1.5 years. I did not have a great body to begin with but I have learned to become better, as I believed that I owed it to myself and to everyone who doesn’t have what I have. The data is attenuated with leg injuries that pushed my favorite workout down to the second bottom and my most challenging workout is doing okay because I kept working on it. I sought help. I sought help among friends, peers and fellow gym members and not once I was turned away.. I hit most of my 1 Rep Maxes in this month alone. 315 pounds in deadlifts, 225 pounds (5*5 max) in squats, 185 in bench, and 125 in Shoulder Press. It followed a nice curve that fits around my bodyweight. Whats interesting is that I only spent 17 hours with the weights (I spent at least 8+ hours following stretch routines) in an entire month. That’s less than a day!
2) Mind.  I started with reading. I have been slacking on my reading habits. Finished Catch 22, Steppenwolf and I fell a little short of my goal and didn’t finish The Selfish Gene yet. I grew up with books. I read through days and nights, finished Ponniyin Selvan –  the entirety of it, when I was 12. But now, its this smartphone lighting up with messages from snapchat, twitter, facebook and whatsapp. Guess what.. Its impossible to shun social media for something else.. I am pretty sure television was a great distraction for my mom but she always read. So I went back to the basics.. reading myself to sleep, reading when I am eating and reading when I am in the bathroom. It friggin’ worked. I will be moving on to 100 years of solitude in May and probably start “Kaval Kotam” alongside. Let’s see.. This takes time! 17 hours is probably half a book 🙂
3) Soul. It starts with friendships and relationships. I have cut out toxicity in my relationships. I forgave, apologized and I have completely cut out toxic fellow humans. I tried my best to stay true to the moment and enjoyed the moment’s virtue rather than clouding it with the past and the future. Not a single philosophy shines an eternally bright light upon you but every single philosophy list up few dark corners. 🙂

There were friendships that would consume the 17 hour mark, without any remorse or reciprocation to any of these three virtues that I hold dear. Its really logical.. A friendship that would consume 17 hours. That is 638 tonnes I could have lifted or half of “The Selfish Gene” that I am finishing up and 17 hours of extra pollution my principles had to face. So there is an interaction between Body, Mind and Soul and I took this 17 hour as my tracer throughout these 3 definitions of self.

At the same time, I invested more of time in nurturing my other relationships and friendships. Not because of any selfish reasons but because of who they were to the world. Somehow, any 17 hours that I spent doing this directly resulted on the overall happiness of everyone involved. That does say a lot about how this venture of mine is going to be.

Also.. I made this April’s promise because March was my absolute worst in all the three fronts. Compounding to that was a particular incident of interest. I was trying to get in to the state roads when an F-350 made a reckless swerve into the road that I was on, barely missing me as I pumped brakes realizing what this “fuck traffic rules” trucker is doing. I have previously contemplated that this turn is statistically the most dangerous turn I have to take during my commute but I was surprised by how much of a reaction that I had for a possible vehicular manslaughter. In fact, I kept driving thinking about how close the emergency care is and how easily they would have access to my information and if it is a bad thing. Then it struck to me that I didn’t cared if I lived or died, at the moment of a great danger. I then realized how much life that I would have been cheated upon.. not just mine, but everyone that I am a part of, that I could be a part of. The most prevalent of behavioral theories suggest that if anything is a routine for more than 66 days, it will most likely become a behavioral pattern. I hope to keep this April’s promise for 90 days. Will keep you posted 🙂

If you are going through a tough time and you are reading this, know that you have a friend in me. I will be happy to listen and help if you need it.
//Soul is such an interesting thing because you could say it doesn’t exist. Is it just a summation of eons of mutation, modeled and signed by birth (religion, race), education and inspirations? Or is it much more metaphysical than that? I do not have answers for that.. What I do know is that between nature and nurture, there are very a many unexplored fronts.. the one that would be invisible to one scientist, say Richard Dawkins but is the life time conquest of a contemporary scientist, Matthieu Ricard. One of those unexplored regions is how your soul becomes psyche in Jung’s world and it makes equal sense as it does when Matthieu Ricard speaks (it does the opposite when your local yoga instructor talks about vibrations in the air). I am going to work with the theory that humanity holds virtues for the future. So far, its been a mixed bag, but by like any sorting algorithm, if you keep working on staying true to your frequently self-examined own self while culling the toxicity in your relationships and toxic relationships, you will end up in a life where you will have beautiful relationships and beautiful friends and a soul that feels contentment to leave your body. What is more beautiful is that there are few other souls that shares the contentment because you were a part of their journey.// 

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