The aftermath of a loss and reinventing dravidianism.

There are several ways a person copes with a loss. This is how I am dealing with the loss of a dearest leader, Our beloved (late) Chief Minister, Selvi J. Jayalalita.

There are several reasons a Tamil would be very proud of being Tamil. The popular notion would be Rajinikanth and CSK. Well, I am among the very few that doesn’t endorse either. It is the language, heritage, literature, music and most importantly, the society in itself, that I am proud of.

This article summarizes the socio-political reforms that led to the status quo, as put down by a Nobel winning economist.
Take a moment to learn why a state mourns a leader..

It was a personal tragedy for me. There was a lump in my heart as I roamed around thinking about what comes next. That is how I process emotions, through rationalization.

The article constructs a series of events, dated back to Kamarajar era. What I want us to learn is that we are what we are because of this collective consciousness of individualism. It is the ‘Tamil Psyche’ that got us here. It is only by nurturing and nursing the Tamil Psyche, can we recover from her loss. Got us where, you might ask. Please do read the article. There is only one state that performs better than Tamil Nadu and that is our brotherly state, Kerala. I have a statement for those who can not read the article; one you could choose to verify. For every single rupee TN pays in taxes, GOI returns 29 paise. Whereas, for every rupee UP pays in taxes, GOI returns one rupee and 79 paise. I want you to know that this is what I have in my mind when you are over there making ‘lungi’ jokes, reading Chetan Bhagat’s racist quips about the dark skinned Madrasis or laughing at Shah Rukh Khan’s version of a south star. I digressed into personal grudges.

The point is, for you fellow tamils, the national parties will look at this as an opportunity to poach the state’s political bank.


DMK’s leadership is not in a very good state either and if anything, the next generation leadership might shred the party into pieces. A ruling national party can not have a better opportunity to reclaim territory in one of the states where they could claim a whopping 40 seats of parliamentary presence.

The increased rhetoric of caste based divisions led to factional parties like PMK, KMK who are vulnerable enough to be poached by the National parties. The last thing we need among us is the local casteist thug brandishing a true patriots’ visage, carefully constructed by Modi’s BJP and Congress. A gounder thug in Coimbatore could commit all these heinous crimes against a fellow human from a different caste and get away being this BJP dude or he could shake down on a non gounder business man that plays a larger role in the local economy. It is important that you protect our political identity. The one that is not constructed atop of caste identity, but by the culture.

I ask of you, all of you. Amma is dead.. but please keep dravidianism alive. A new age dravidianism. Fuck the casteist establishments, fuck the national parties and fuck Actor Vijay (assuming he tries anything political). Let’s protect and if need be, rebuild our political identity. The kind that prevents morons from singing MGR songs in a fuckin parliament.

Often times, it is the people that create the political climate and more so often, it is the said climate that sees the raise of a political phenomena. Aringar Anna, Kalaingar Karunanidhi, Puratchi Thalaivar MGR, Puratchi Thalaiva Amma and now. It is the wildly popular movement ‘suyamariyadhai iyakkam’ or ‘self-respect movement’ that resulted in a dravidian party toppling a national party and we have been moving up ever since. The speaks for itself, please verify! Be wise my brethren. Be Tamil.

I almost forgot. A friend of mine said this regarding “Naam Tamizhar” party. “Tamils are far better people to buy into this fervent extreme right Tamil nationalism”. I have my grudges with brahmin community.  //A couple days ago, a colleague of mine – a fuckin engineer, remarks, “When you think intellectually, you become brahmin. When you provide service to someone, you become Sutra”. Well fuck you and fuck your veda how about that?//. Regardless, I recognize the societal values that was imbued by the brahmin community. A party like “Naam Tamizhar” will definitely step on their well being and this is no time for reverse racism. Harmony! Like how it was the status quo. I implore you.. be wise and please remember, Democracy is not the voting day. Democracy is active participation, discussion, clash of ideas and ideals, and taking it to the streets when needed; which shapes the voting day and the day after. Seems like something every democracy has forgotten about!

On a personal note, Thank You Ms. Jayalalita, for being who you were. I recognize all the things that you did for us. I love you for changing your stance regarding Sri Lanka. I wish there is another leader that can measure up to half of who you were. Rest in peace.


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