Absurdity and Democracy: The American Election

I am a mere spectator of the American election. I am an alien and I can not make statements about american democracy as much as I can criticize Indian democracy.

However, as a human being, I have the moral obligation to speak up after coming across “The Donald’s” remark on women. I am not going to provide any links in my post, I happen to respect myself way too much. The post wouldn’t make much sense if you are not familiar with what Donald Trump’s remarks about women were. Let me just swerve for a while.

Trump’s biggest hits are his trade policies including Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Well that and bigotry. I have put some of my thoughts together, mostly compounding to the presidential debate.

– Not paying taxes or walking over the smaller guy is smart, Donald observes. Be that as it may, the oval office is the most powerful authority in the world.. Would it still be a smart thing to walk over a smaller country? There is legal and then there is moral. Is it moral to be this? https://goo.gl/3iU5OM
– “Lessen the tax and the rich companies will return manufacturing to america”. Apple was blamed for manufacturing outside America as he continues to boast how Trump is building everywhere in the world. I assume those buildings are considered an American Export. As in, all the raw materials are mined here, processed here, assembled here and exported to other countries. It might be even possible. But then again.. He never paid taxes so !
– Talks about cultural and racial inclusiveness. I will just leave this here. https://goo.gl/xdhE4m
I will come back to trump in a bit but for now, lets talk about Democracy. This is an hour of the debate, as there is a raise in far right wing jingoism everywhere in the world.
– Turkey.
– India.
– Entire middle east.
– USA.
– France.
– Belgium.
Isn’t it funny how a right wing extremist organization, ISIS, can incite right wing popularity in Belgium? In a country that has been left leaning for 20 years?Democracy: It took us years of ‘socio-cultural’ evolution to get here. Plato observed that any constitution of a state follows the order of Aristocracy, Timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy and Tyranny. The humanity followed the same exact order and we are here.

Yet, after being scrutinized by Platos and Machiavellis and Fukuyamas, Democracy still has its flaws. Democracy can easily become the tyranny of the majority.  A large group of voters elect a government; the government re-positions itself to reflect their voters psyche, thus the sentiments and the beliefs of the majority becomes the government’s policy. The system drives itself to a point where the majority imposes tyranny over the minority.

Democracy is not a perfect system. We do not have to try and understand democracy. But can we encompass some moral responsibility over the fellow human? Regardless of their gender, race, culture, social class and borders?

I hated the Amy Shumer brand of feminism. In her defense, she is a reaction to a certain type of men. We happen to see these guys every now and then. Earlier this evening, I sat through my entire haircut as this very old war vet went on and on about how they treated women back in their day and how the millennials are not man enough to treat their counterparts in a more “manlier” way. I was uncomfortable (I wanted to destroy everything that makes him think he is a ‘man’), but being a brown international has its societal limits (or is there?). Anyhow.. My hairdresser, who is going to babysit her niece later this evening, was just stern. She was unshakably stern and she continued to do her job in a room full of men as this old guy keeps on insulting women. I drove home with a very distracted mind and then I read the news!

So Amy Schumer.. I don’t understand how rubbing deodorant in your inner thighs is ‘Instagram-able’ and a cause of feminist celebration of sorts, but at this point, I am just gonna shut the fuck up! You guys need a break. The next paragraph is for men!

The whole story about how distracted I was after having to endure the manlier ways of this old man is to get here. Think about this.. Every single time Donald Trump goes on a stage as the president of the united states, every single time he addresses the american public, most of our women are going to hear the man who made this statement. Some of them are going to be disgusted for having to hear him. Few of them, the ones that were groped and insulted and berated are going to be reminded of their ordeal. Every single time the POTUS addresses the public. Let alone the women who will have to work with our POTUS.

You know what makes me furious? The world as we know it, would have gone to shit if it wasn’t for one leader. Angela Merkel. She is the axle of the middel-east and west relationship right this moment. The only world leader who is expressively concerned about the welfare of the war refugees, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She is going to have to shake Donald Trump’s hands, fully aware of what his remarks were about this other woman he was about to greet. Think about it!

P.S: I will not disrespect someone because they believe in something different. I will engage in a dialogue, nevertheless, but I would never disrespect someone because they have a different opinion. If you happen to disagree with anything I have said here, let me know 🙂


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