My thoughts on the Nobel prize for physiology and medicine – 2015.

It is my long standing that the traditional medicine (in India) is infested with bogus, unscientific claims but it works when it is done right.

DRDO came up with herbal drugs and it is the leading scientific organization of the country and an important scientific – military organization in the world.

Most of the scientists – inclusive of the nobel laureautes, will be quick to dismiss the traditional medicine as it would disrupt their established structure of the funding – research – marketing complex. It is very possible that after years of research, you develop a particular affinity to the process and genuinely regard it to be the only scientific method to cure diseases.

The Nobel prize for physiology or medicine is awarded to the chinese medical scientist Dr. Tu Youyou for discovering ‘artimisinin’, an anti-malarial drug.

It is great news. It is a personal pleasure¬† to see the world’s most important organization, honoring a scientist that used unconventional yet ‘scientific method’ to discover a most important drug.

There is a lesson to be learned dear India. If we were to use modern and scientific methods to reinvent our ancient knowledge, mostly acquired through repeated trial and errors (almost a monte-carlo method), in the fields of medicine and agriculture, there are hidden crests with valuable information, to be unearthed.

I do recognize and admire the magnificiency of the work done by the GOI, establishing a database for the traditional knowledge and medicinal plants The TKDL single handedly fends off any claims on certain produces i.e Neem, Spices (Bio-Piracy), brought on by foreign countries and organizations. The folks at “The Institute of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology” seems to be good at doing what they do but I would insist on creating a scientific awareness – like our Green Revolution.

I am pretty sure this falls under swach bharat and most of the Hindutva and NaMo bakhths can get behind this idea. Heck, we can even have another viral dp change revolution, yeah? Only, this time, there will be substantiated evidence for the ground and a real complex to build.

I can’t call myself a physics student if I don’t record how awesome a shape shifting neutrino is. I was baffled by the mere idea that these neutrinos could very well have more than one identity. I am a little bummed by the implications regarding my safe haven that is the SM model of Physics but this is exciting. I read somewhere that “There is no known physics theory that is true at every scale”. I guess its Lawrence Krauss, the reknowned physicist from ASU, my alma mater, whom I never got to meet !


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