Kalam !

Its been 2 days since his demise. I am not a fan of the RIP posts in facebook (remember Paul Walker?) but in Dr. Kalam’s case, I don’t even want to dissect the why’s and how’s of it. Goes to say how much we as a nation, loved him. He was the last of the generation that stood up and guided the younger generation that served as icons, in the wake of Indian nationalism. We miss your presence Dr. Kalam and we can only hope to carry on the dream you had.

Dr. Kalam’s stance or the lack of which – regarding the fabricated Tamil sentiments such as Nuclear power plant and the Neutrino research center has made certain sect of the Tamil Nadu to speak ill of him. Few of the disses swinged at him are as follows.

“A political clown”.
“Not a real scientist”.
“tool of the oppressors”.
“Merchant of fascism”.

He was reduced to being the “Minister of Propaganda” for Indian government. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Goebbels

It is true that Dr. Kalam hasn’t made his stance clear regarding the North-East situation, Kashmir situation, Eelam genocide and Operation Greenhunt. Are you leftists that naive to think that someone who has served as a Chief Scientific Adviser to the PMO – India and partly governed two of the country’s apex scientific establishments can speak his mind? Any human would be troubled to see what the GOI is doing with the 4 key humanitarian problems in India, provided that one doesn’t bear the burden of evidence, one should stay away from accusations right? Even the court of law calls it as “benefit of doubt”. But why am I bothering myself with deliberation in writing a column or op-ed since you motherfuckers will discredit Kalam as a scientist as well? When did you guys stoop this low to just write bullshit without a care for supporting evidence? Especially when he is dead and the country is mourning?

I think the fundamental problem is that, the lunacy of the leftism has no rationale to it and it will attack everything that does not agree with their philosophy. Its just goes with your version of modernism to attack everything in the obsession of being an iconoclast.
Let me quote Barathiyar for you assholes.

கண்ணிலான் காலிற்
கவின்மணியை யெற்றிவிட்டால்
மண்ணி லதுதான்
மதிப்பகன்றதாய் விடுமோ? 1

பொய்த் தொழிலோன் மைதிலியாம்
வைதனைப் புன்காவல்
வைத்ததனா லன்னை
மதிப்பிழந்து போயினளோ? 2

ஐவர் முன்னே பாஞ்சாலி
யாடையுரிந் தார்கயவர்;
மைவளர்ந்த கண்ணாளின்
மாண்பகன்று போயினதோ?

The biggest grief of an Indian liberal would be, having to side with you stupid leftists from time to time.


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