Thoughts on Deepika Padukone’s “My Choice”:

For the uninitiated, this is what is in discussion :

I watched the short video by Vogue, starred by Deepika Padukone and directed by Homi Adajania. I so wanted to do a’ Whatsup Homie’ upon learning his existence (I don’t Bollywood). Alright. I will just put my takeaways and then something else.
* Brilliant Lighting and Camera: Wow.. All the environs including fabricated lighting, usage of monochromatic colors and with the pretty women. Wow. Powerful narration too. Kudos to the homie.

* Nimrat Rao! Whoa dude.. that chick! If you’ve watched Homeland, I bet you didn’t take your eyes off of this gorgeous, commanding and attractively vicious and my version of Femme Fatale. My senses went on a berserk that I had to find her on instagram @nimratofficial to give myself a shot of Nimrat Rao every time I go there. If you folks think Deepika Padukone is attractive that’s all chill by me. But this is what I have to think of her 😛
( Rajendran, A south Indian bae with his bollywood counterpart)

* I believe TOI is a piece of shit and AIB did a homage and that’s there About Deepika’s choice to show her bod and to speak against the TOI’s publication standards, I am completely with her. Its her choice and her terms and TOI did fuck up bad. I have come to respect DP after that. That was no case for double standards. But that was it. The propaganda value she garnered with the aforementioned incident catapulted her way to this video. tsk.. tsk.. regrets! TOI you blatant fuck. This could have easily been Gul Panag’s. Bang up job there TOI.

By now, you readers would have got an idea about who I am and how I view stuffs.. I am a liberal and I friggin want freedom of choice.. If there is one. If you’ve read 1984, I can say you would know what it means to have the illusion of choice. But then.. WTH!

My Observations:
This is what I have observed in this 2 minutes (and change) of the brilliantly shot / narrated piece of shit.


Before you go all “white knight – look at me girls, I am a feminist myself – whoa.. this is cool. I’ll share this” on this video. Here are some bites.

This video has nothing to do to with a middle-class or the never been acknowledged lower middle-class or the devoid of our conscious below the poverty line people. Empowerment is more than what you get to wear my people. I have known a girl who can not go to school because her father thought women can’t go to school associating with men and such. I have barely scratched the surface here. I am completely aware of how big a problem women’s rights is, especially in India. Sure freedom of clothing is a symptom but should we fuss so much about treating the symptoms here and letting the disease unnoticed? Politicizing the elitism here will only widen the social class bandwidth and will add more troubles to the earnest who actually need women empowerment. “My girl will become like this if she were to be educated”. See what I mean?

The editor in chief of Vogue USA and the director of the group that publishes Vogue, Anna Wintour, is a narcissistic creature that somehow got through the last 100 years of evolution. This video is a certain echo of her standards. Let me give you an example. The video is interpretive as a woman’s voice to her tormentor, arguably a man right?. The video also asks you to STFU cos bearing a certain size is their choice. Their editor in chief has asked people (Oprah friggin Winfrey) to shed weight to be featured in Vogue. I am fuckin confused man.. I love a lot of people and I hate very few. Of that very few, the creatures that tops the list are the ones with Selective Liberalism. I will be a liberal when it suits me type of people. I guess the validity or the credibility of the video is questioned by the fact it is paid by Vogue.  Oh! Ms. Vintouralso stopped a working class flight attendant to be featured in the Vogue’s breast awareness piece and had a businesswoman feature in it. Are you getting this? Having breast cancer and being a woman (Wrong order? 🙂 ) doesn’t qualify you being there in Vogue’s breast cancer awareness article.
You.. The Indian woman who is worried about having a safe and secure public latrine because you can’t weeeeeeee in public as ‘they’ do but still are a Human with metabolic urges.. Vogue Empowers you.. First become elite and then when you don’t give a shit cos you can have a friggin mobile latrine in your limo. Then we will talk about your clothing choices aight?

I am a proponent of “Death of the Author” so let me stop being a (sorta!) hypocrite here. What really grinds my gear and sorta put me in rant mode is that special mention to Adultery. Dude. I get it you went all “The picture of Dorian Gray” in here but Dorian Gray is an old world monster. Please stop! This is too wild for Oscar Wilde himself (Not really!).

Men are objectified just as easily as women as well. Women. You know you check out that ass, “cute” smile and enjoy a free gun show when you can at the same rate as men do, only subtler.  We can not wear certain dresses as well. Imagine a man wearing a really short shorts? Would you take it as lightly as you think you will? Being forced into herd with the societal conformity is not just a special reserved seat for women. Of course no one can tell you what to wear and how to wear it. No one can disturb you for what you’re wearing. At the same time, you ought to understand that men has the same reservation too. Yeah we do go shirtless when we can but that comes within a certain level of social scrutiny as well. My point is that there are much pressing issues at work.

Going full elite and disconnected while dealing with sensitive topics such as this is kind of like playing for the opposite team. I for one, can not take people seriously when you are being Vague, Selectively liberal and Elite. But its not about me. A common authoritative male archetype would twist the moral ambiguity in the term “Sex Outside the Marriage” to negate whatever you are trying to do here. No one has freedom to have sex outside the marriage unless it is an “open relationship” (people of facebook; You really need to know what it is before calling yours, an open relationship). No matter what color, creed or the presence of a dick or the lack of it. Just stop selling this bullshit.

I believe the video is intentionally vague. As in, to create dialogue such as this. I dig that. But the vagueness is mildly irritating when it comes to the mention of promiscuity. Are you wanting the freedom to commit adultery or you just concerned about the social comment clause that is attached with it? Being called slut or a whore if I have to be not vague? See that’s how you don’t be vague. I seriously don’t know how to categorize the adultery thing? Is it like a women empowerment thingy or what?

I am not sure how many of you know this. Evolution toggles between monogamy and polygamy to suit its needs. You know why dogs gets stuck after doing the deed? Evolution baby. Monogamy is sorta like our equivalent. I wouldn’t care the life history of the girl I am married with. But I definitely want her to be mine, and I hers, post marriage. There are several other relationship criteria and a specially stitched “open relationship” thing to propose otherwise.

This whole thing becomes a fuckin charade when there is a sect of women who had to walk miles to find places devoid of prying eyes cos she too needs to get rid of her bodily waste, or a place to bath and her family can not afford a latrine in their own house. Who is going to star in a video about that? Who is going to share that? Who can tell their story without having a bullshit “white savior guy saves an uncultured barbarians / slumdog millionaire” agenda behind it?

Last word: This video is manufactured as Deepika Padukone’s message rather than our Homie’s. When you understand why I haven’t made a fuss about it, You have silted the difference between a feminist and a hypocrite. Cheers to the women in my life. You all know how much I love you and respect you.


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