Terrorism among individuals

Charlie Hebdo is a french satirical magazine that attacks dogma or anything that it likes or dislikes. What is permissible to print is not even a question. Freedom of speech is an important pillar of a democracy. I believe in democracy. Let us put the emotions to rest and have a rationale at this massacre that happened in France.

> A cartoon disrespects a faith system and that is provocative.

>> It should be retaliated with a dialog or another cartoon; something communicative. Not murder.

> My faith is with democracy, freedom of speech and against killing a fellow human being and my faith system is violated.

>> What should I do if there is a provocation against my faith? See the problem here?

If a cartoon is provocative and is tantamount to a massacre; what does a massacre equates to?

There is one thing I learned that I am proud of. To respect a human who has a different opinion.. To have an argument about the ideas without hating or insulting the bearer..

Here is something someone wrote about roughly 50 years ago. May be it will help you understand the french thought process. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_the_Author.

A personal note:
I am proud of my mother tongue and my regional culture. Very proud. I have read a lot of Tamil literature; A lot more than anyone else I have personally met. If I were to be given a choice of being born again and If I get to choose who I am gonna be; I’d wanna be a Tamil. All over.
If there is a second choice at all, it would be french. Its the language and their culture. It is as liberal as an established country can ever get. It is in their blood to be free and embrace humanity. To lead humanity. France led the world to a new order since 18th century and it continues to inspire the western world. I hope this incident doesn’t changes that. Sadly, the irony of this post is the link that I have given above. It is written by a french philosopher and it can be summarized as “A creation should be treated as an independent entity from its creator”. Too bad some of us haven’t heard this message in 48 years.
A word to my friends. If you can not agree to the point that you and I have the absolute freedom to do what we want and say what we want; Fuck off… As in unfriend or unfollow or whatever that will put us on our own ways.

You don’t have to agree to what I am saying. But you have to agree that I have the freedom to say whatever I want to say. If you can’t accept that; then it is one of those things that constitutes terrorism.

We can have an open discussion about this. I will not disrespect you for having a different set of beliefs. I expect you to do the same.

piece de resistance: Muslim brethren. Please know that France is the country among UN security council that genuinely backs up Palestine. To choose not to speak up now is a symptom of a greater problem.

P.S: This applies to every self-righteous prick. Doesn’t matter if you want to ban a book that reviews Gandhi or to kill Salman Rushdie.


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