Interstellar: A physics walk through

Glossary of Terms:
TOR – Theory of Relativity
GTR – General Theory of Relativity
STR – Special Theory of Relativity
GUT – Grand Unified Theory
POS – Point of Singularity
SM – Standard Model

Before we get started:
I am the dude who reads Stephen Hawking and Richard Feynman without any purpose. I will have deadlines to meet and I will be reading Stephen Hawking’s report on black hole information, in detail. I watch a child trying to turn for the first time and I think about the physics intuition the animal kingdom seems to have. The energy transformations, the order, the math of it; the whole package.

On the other hand, I am a decent movie fanatic. Stanley Kubrick – Woody Allen – Roman Polanski – Park Chan wook spectra.

Enough of the BGM. My opening statement is this.

Interstellar is the best science fiction that there ever was. That includes 2001: A space odyssey, Matrix and everything else that deems to be fit as a sci-fi. Did I include “The Foundation” series? Well now I did.
While Stanley Kubrick recorded the fictitious surreal future with his intellectual brilliance, Christopher Nolan created a universe based on an actual known universe. As if Neil deGrasse Tyson sat down with Stephen Hawking, both of them were smoking weed and trying to predict a future for the mankind, and Nolan was there to record the conversation. You might think Kip Thorne (The CIT dude who helped Nolans with the script) is not that famous as compared to the superstars of the physics world namely, Einstein – Hawking – Feynman – Neil. Kip Thorne is big deal. Here is a photographical excerpt from “The theory of everything” – Stephen Hawking. (Dummy alert: TOE =! The movie TOE).

Excerpt from Stephen Hawking's The Theory of Everything

Excerpt from Stephen Hawking’s The Theory of Everything

Everything that was shown on screen was either a proven fact of Physics or a hypothesis that hasn’t been disproved yet. In fact there was only one assumption made, through out this 3 hours of advanced physics class. That happens to be the assumption based on a Stephen Hawking paper about information not being lost inside black hole. Time for some physics y’all.

Why the astronaut in space ages slower than the humans in earth?

Alright. Let’s summarize big bang here. An event, cosmic event, where out of nowhere, a supermassive explosion takes place. The explosion has so much energy that it expands and occupies something undefined. The occupied space now is our universe. A borrowed analogy could be a balloon. Our universe is like a balloon now. No ending.. No beginning. Just the ends connected to each other, 3 dimensionally. It is normal to imagine the explosion taking place in a massive scale as huge as the big bang has an expansion to the sides, 2-dimensionally. Just one thing though. What was the big bang expanding into? What was there before big bang? We have to pull a George Orwell here. Doublethink. The universe, from the big bang, expanded into nothingness.

The nothingness is undefinable because everything that we know about the laws of nature and math are obsolete before the big bang. If that is an idea so hard to wrap your head around; pray, the big bang with that particular expansion rate, is the only expansion rate, the universe would have sustained. Prayer number 2: There is this Quantum Entanglement. Which is a fancy word for saying everything in this universe is coupled with one other thing. Kinda like I am interdimensionally connected to something else and whatever affects me, affects the other. All you romanticists can blow your horns about finding your interdimensionally connected significant other but the “I” I used was just metaphorical. That “I” could be one single atom in me for all intents and purports.

                        The Time is a humanly construct. The measurement of Time, you know the cesium-133 atomic vibration and all? Forget it. There is no absolute time in TOR. An experiment in 1962 with two standardized atomic clocks kept in the top and bottom of a water tower measured time differently; the clock at the bottom of the tower was slower. As gravity changes, the time changes. Let’s look at it this way. Ever since the big bang, the universe is expanding in a rate. However, this expansion is not of the same values (I don’t know if I can use the term ‘constant’) as there are regions in universe where gravity is stronger. Rehash this idea. The space(x,y,z) and time(t) is created at the point of singularity. They have been expanding (expansion : forward arrow) ever since and there are regions in space and time where gravitational force influences this expansion rate resulting in specific regions of space-time to be more curved than the rest of the regions.

A very good friend of mine raised questions about gravity. If gravity does this to space-time, what makes the gravity to do so? The thing is, there was only one person who could have explained gravity and the origins of this mysterious force. Einstein. He said something in the lines of Gravity not being a force but the actual nature of space-time. Remember the balloon example? What happens when you start rolling your fingers from a point A? Let’s imagine that you start traveling (your finger starts rolling) from point ‘A’ in that balloon at a time t-> 0. For all the values of t > 0, you are traveling towards the point ‘A’. Got it?
You always travel towards the point ‘A’, regardless of the path that you might take.

                      I can never wrap my head around this idea. So this space-time expands into nothing and there is a energy – matter interaction (Oh did you read my article on Higg’s boson?) mechanism that spews matter out of this immense energy inside this space-time continuum. Now this matter collides on itself(due to gravity) to become gas clouds – stars – blackholes; and the blackholes bend space-time around them.

// Blog will be updated soon. Work calls //


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