Genocides and perverts..

You know the time when some of us were confused about how a genocide can happen right under our nose? Back in 2008?? It finally dawns upon me.

Our morale need not be that strong to fight for humane reasons. But we Tamils didn’t even fight for selfish reasons as such as a sense of brotherhood.. How puzzling!!

After looking at some part of this Tamil society, supposed elitists, acting so far right, that even other rightists of different ethnicity would be ashamed of, I see our society for what it is. Authoritative casteism at its utmost ugliness.

Right now I am looking at all these posts about Israel’s atrocity and you know what.. Fuck you.. I have had enough. If you only look out for another human because he is of the same religion, same caste.. Fuck you.. And fuck your faith system. A dead child is a symbol of perversity no matter what religion the child belongs to.

And yeah.. Of course I am only talking about the hypocrites and I strongly condemn Israel.. Even after knowing the fact that they bailed us out in two important wars with neighbors.

If you support a killer or choose to raise your voice only against one form of genocide, you are the source of the problem.

I really wanted to see which god is up there watching all these people killing each other.. And flick a finger at him..


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