now you know..

Wretched ghosts from a time thats dead
reaches down claws at everything thats you..
Scares you in the cold and the dark of the night..
Suffocates you..

The desolate night haunts upon, like a savage.
Tis tears I swear, not mist, that brought down those grasses
Still lurks the vicious night.. so cold and silent..

There.. see.. the sun rises..
He is winking through the window..
So young.. He is blushing I swear, he is red..
The grass is glistening you can see..
For the tears are melted down.. long gone..
So beautiful.. green.. and serene..
the silence is nowhere to be seen..
Listen.. the early bird sings her tune already..

She knows what I know..
Its a new day..


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