The camel’s tent

On a day of no significance, the camel was looking through the spreadsheet, satisfied by the numbers that he saw. A man called out “Sir.. My hands are kinda gettin heavy with these gifts. Can I just keep them inside your tent?”. The camel looked at him curiously and said “Please let yourselves in sir. You look like you could use a little shelter”. The man came in with a huge grin across his face. “Thats very kind of you sir. Please allow me to return the favor with a small gift from my side. A small token of my appreciation towards our friendship”, said the man as he removed his hat and coat. The camel was bewildered by the gentleman’s gesture, goodwill, friendliness and such. The camel was not sure if he was curious about the equally spaced red and white patterns in the beaver hat of his mysterious guest or was it the tailcoat that he carefully folded and placed over the armchair by the coathanger?. While the camel was pondering about the extraneous gifts and the hat, coat and other eccentrically with some rudeness he might say, unusual dressing of his guest; The guest rolled out his eyes all over the tent and his apple finally came to a halt at the spreadsheet. “Ah.. Interesting thing you’ve got over there sir”, said the guest man pointing his index finger at the spread sheet. He wasn wearing any coat or hat but at that moment, the camel felt an eerie sense of deja vu, if deja vu cant go into details as such as coats, hats and stuff. “Well that is some numbers on a business that I run dear sir” said the camel “I would rather not bother you about that”. “Well allow me to help my friend. This is something that I do for a living”; A gracious offer from a guest but yeah, not so surprising for a gentleman that he is. The spreadsheet, the business, the rapport between the host and guest was so dynamic and it kept growing during the night after and the night after and the night after. The camel saw that the numbers from the spreadsheet has grown exponentially. He was so happy that after countless nights and days he asked the guest “Please forgive my insolence my friend. I never asked you your name”. ” The name is Sam” said the guest with a charming grin and a puffed up chest. Here, that deja vu again and here, the camel ignoring such; for him, this friendship is special and man he is braggin about that to his friends like a fat kid after a night in KF of C.
On a different but a same night of no significance, Sam called out to the camel. “My dear friend, The spreadsheet cant handle the numbers anymore”. The camel was puzzled. For him, a spreadsheet is all a business could ever require. But he cant doubt Sam. Not after all that he has done for the camel. In all honesty, It’s been a long time the camel has looked after those spreadsheets and now he has lost all interests he had in the business. Its not like the camel was doing quite a job. But with Sam, Its a totally different story. Its not just the numbers that sprouted by Sam’s touch. He has been calling some shots for quite a while. That fortuitous moment my dear readers, was the moment of dawn for the camel and his seemingly good business. He now know that he has to pay Sam. Sam was a gentleman. He didnt take the offer. Instead, He suggested something very big and very fortunate for the camel and his business empire. The camel was so lost day dreaming about those flashy cars that he saw the other day in some movies with Sam. If what Sam says is true, which in all possibilities will be true, he could own a dozen of them flashy cars dirivin like a Bond and shit. But there is this one thing that was nudging the camel. He didn quite understand what Sam was saying but hey, He’s got Sam. Its not like Sam’s gonna leave him hanging dry. Not Sam. Not in a millennia. So the camel spoke “Listen my friend. Do what you’ve gotta do. We have a planet to rule”.
This, unlike the previous nights, is a starry night of spring breeze and dancing beats oozing out of Sam’s room. The camel knocked at the door. Sam and the camel had a brief talk which we couldnt hear but we were able to understand that the talk was about the camel’s friends who wants to do business with Sam’s associates overseas. Camel left the room seeming to be more assured.
An year later, Camel’s tent was bombed. It is horrific what the camel did. He was building weapons of mass destruction threatening the world peace and the poor Sam has to live up with what he did for the sake of everyone else’s peace. He built a castle in the same place where the tent used to be, in the memory of his loving friend “the camel” and lived sadly ever after.


2 thoughts on “The camel’s tent

  1. A children’s fable to do a political commentary. Clever:) I would say the camel was equally culpable though, not so naive as what is portrayed;))

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