The Torch in the end of Tamizh Eezham

Non Tamils dont read this.

My Dear Tamils
This is exactly what we have to be doing. This is how intelligence leads the emotion to get you what you want without losing anything. There is a friend of mine with a Tshirt phrase which goes like “Diplomacy is saying someone to ‘go to hell’ in a way that they are actually looking forward to the trip.” This video can be interpreted as such.                                   There is like rest of the world waiting and watching this phenomena. The genocide of an ethnic race and the repercussions being diluted in the name of diplomacy, peer pressure, stalling and tailored protests to have a controlled explosion. This phenomena is being watched not because they are interested. It is to learn how a state sponsored terrorism can be carried out without any glitch and serious repercussions. Thats right. This is one big fuckin experiment for them. Manipulating a propaganda in a way that the ‘mass hysteria’ can be incited to drain all the emotional energy which is then used for some special sort of merchandise negotiation. You see India diluted the US draft against Sri Lanka. Wait for some new business deals to show up which is not gonna be added to the revenue books of GOI but some individual corporations with share holders ranging from top business men, politicians and foreign nationals.

Look the way the orator built his speech. A random sequence from personal and ethnic history slowly building up to a confrontation, face off, threat disguised as a request and sarcastic praises. This is basically a ‘fuck you’ to which your enemy will have to smile in return.
The history that is referenced is . Mentioned in ‘Ponniyin Selvan’, This reference is used cleverly to instance an act of submission in a public stage by which you are forcing your enemy to act as a Human which he is not. An offer he cant refuse. Nullifying all his other options like diluting the geographical presence by forced migration, Thwarting his chance to deny our social presence by demanding education (which is more powerful than it appears). Comparing our leader Prabakaran with ‘Manu Needhi Cholan’ and Rajapakse with Dutugemenu says it all. I am not gonna bother explaining the analogy. You can do that yourself and I have nothing to do with other people who wont bother to do it.
The red color in the shirt, Crow crack opening the jack fruit is nothing but a preface to the Julius Cesar analogy. You know what happened to him. Euphemism is the great oration associated with his death. George R. Willy. You are sir, my personal hero. I dont know where Transnational Government of Tamil Eezham stands with Mr. George R. Willy. I see him as the next best diplomatic leader with true intentions by heart. The voice, the oration, the space after saying “You were a defender of Human Rights in your early career” and a whole array of touches that my naive self is not equipped to appreciate of.
There is a reason why the camera pans in on Mr and Mrs Rajapakse. At 05:20 you can see how restless they get. Freudian Slips. Knowing that the whole world is watching them, That the orator is addressing them directly, Long repressed guiltiness in the unconscious over powers their conscious social etiquette forcing them to avoid a direct eye contact with the orator and almost everyone else in the room. That is your conscience spitting in your face Mr. Rajapakse. That will be your legacy. For you are an ugly piece of shit in the history of humanity.

“There is something about the Tamil People that you need to know. For them, Their language is god.”

The video being discussed is


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