A draft to my fellow students..

இந்த பதிவோட நோக்கம் தமிழ் அல்லாதவர்களும் சில விஷயங்கள தெரிஞ்சுக்கணும் என்பது. அதனால English.

I understand that most of us has no time in reading through long passages. In that case, please skim through the 4 rules that marks the end of each idea. Yes. ‘Ctrl + F’ and ‘rule’.

We (As in whoever reads this) need to keep on sharing all the information available to us in social media after making sure it is authentic. We know big time media aint gonna do that. We know Indian Media at Delhi aint gonna give a shit about something this beautiful in TN.

Rule 1:
Organize and Interpret all the information de facto.

It was disgusting for me to know that people (not essentially other ethnic diaspora communities) did not know about the history of Eezham. The people who are ready to believe in Lord Ram as a god and Ravana as a Rakshasha didn seem to acknowledge that Tamil presence was prominent in aforesaid time period. By Ramayana, Raavan was a king in ‘Eezham’ aka ‘Sri Lanla’ aka ‘Ceylon’. It is widely believed and non empirically verified that Rama was a king of Ayodhya ~ 5th Century BCE. As an obvious interpretation, Raavan was the king of ‘Eezham’ in the same time period of 5th Century BCE. The history of ‘Sinhalese’ population starts from their King’s journey from North Eastern part of India and it dates to 3rd Century BCE. Some say it is 5th Century BCE but I will choose to ignore the argument because I refuse to believe (irrationally) that a Buddhist king came from North East India and established a kingdom just after Ravana’s fall (hypothetically) or He was there before Ravana because that would have been mentioned in Ramayana. In either case, it would still establish Tamils as the prominent ethnic group belonging to the homeland ‘Eezham’. See Ramayana does not ends up with the so called ‘Asura Vadham’ and it continues to praise the ‘Raghuvamsam’ through out the 5th BCE and it would have come up with some sort of explanation for the fall and expatriate of a Buddhist(?) King from the same region. Geographically, Mahayana deals about the region which was up close to  Ayodhya. In case if you are having confusions, 5th BCE is 500 years before Christ and 3rd BCE is 300 years after Christ. Which puts us in a place to believe that the hypothetical mythology of Ramayana predates the other hypothetical mythology of Mahavamsa by at least 200 years. Obviously, recorded Tamil origin predates Sinhalese roots by 200 years in minimum. If you refuse to believe Rama as a real human king with ‘flesh and bone’, Please illuminate yourself to the other mythologies in regions in and around India. Case in example is Thailand and Ramakien. If you still believe that Rama is a totally fictionalized character, It beats me to say that so as Mahavamsa’s characters are. You see by basic tenets of an argument, Do you actually believe that North East Indians (from Orissa and around) got to Sri Lanka faster than Tamizhans in Tamil Nadu did? Bitch Please.. If Indian Ocean greets a land anywhere, I bet my ass, Tamizhans were there. I invite you to see for yourself. Case In example, Angkor Wat Hindu Temple – Cambodia. All of this gets us to the

Rule 2:
We are the rightful sons of Eezham

The Self Immolation, Violence against Buddhists, Xenophobia and falseful baseless claims on our own identity is just as sinful as fascism. Our enemies will Reductio Ad Hitlerum us to decimate our ulterior motives. Which brings us to
Rule 3: Channelize and double check your anger.

The most successful and ugliest propaganda of Sinhalese and certain Indian forces are associating our rightful moral obligation to our brothers in sisters in need is by
calling our support to them as an act of treason and support to an extremist – terrorist organization called LTTE.
We became so scared to the allegation that we actually thought supporting Tamil Eezham is a sinful act which should be done in discretion. Let me make myself clear, All Tamils are not LTTE’s.
Secondly, Forget about what you have been told. The violence against Tamils are recorded from 1940’s. LTTE came into scene by 1970’s. If an entire generation grows up watching their father (an important part of anima every kid develops)  be insulted by someone, their mother be called slut by the same someone and their sisters be raped and their brothers be mutilated, DO YOU HONESTLY THINK that this particular generation can do anything else but to fight back?
That is a Honest question. On your face.
See every democratic country has reservations for the minority group. Sri Lanka is a joke of a democracy. They have reservations that actually stops Tamils from entering into education and government sector. I am not actually sure about this information but I remember reading this in a most trustworthy media.

See when you are not sure about the media being a representative of this false propaganda, following Goebbels (yes, this is my reductio ad hitelrum), look for this particular word – Rajiv Killers. When you see this phrase, you will know for sure the fucker is trying to tailor a mass hysteria and aversion against our group. Boss.. Where the fuck are Indira Killers?? Oh.. let me recall. In PMO’s office?? See France imposes rule against people wearing religious insignias in public but Sikhs and Turbans are excused. Muslim women are not allowed to wear veil and Sikhs were able to get leverage against their Turbans. I am not insinuating anything but my sense of democracy is just as fucked up as these fucking nazis is. I deeply respect my brothers in the Sikh community. I am just underlining this great nation’s double standard. See I didn even bring out your protests against the French government for the actual criminal violation your guy made in French territory and PMO India’s interference with the whole matter and the exoneration that followed. Damn Man.. India has got some balls. Except that the balls are cauterized when it comes to Sri Lanka. Even if they spit on your face by going behind your back allying with your enemies. LTTE is a terrorist organization. Okay.. The state is democracy then? Rajiv is killed by a handful of Tamizhans and why no one who carried out the actual massacre was arrested alive? Trust me the Rajiv Killers your media quotes were people who didnt even know about the plan and did stuffs like buying batteries. Sir. The bill for those batteries that are used for the bombing exists in India sir. I mean the bill for the stuff you buy as insignificant as batteries do exists (in 1990s) and our intelligence agencies were able to recover those from the vendor. I mean wow.. W O W .. Salute India. Point to note, Helping out LTTE was never a crime in India pre Rajiv Assassination. In fact, it was a matter of pride. Our Indian defense organizations recruited, trained and equipped LTTE during Indira Gandhi Period. So the alleged Rajiv killers are literally harmless.
Let me make myself clear in this point of time. I believe there is no proof connecting LTTE or exonerating LTTE to the Rajiv Massacre (from the information that has been made available for a common Indian). I was a kid and I believed that the beautiful and handsome Indian PM (ex), trusted leader of India, Sweetheart of Indian mothers was killed by the terrorists and I was having a grudge. Once upon a time. But what to do? I have this habbit of verifying stories that disturbs me. Okay Assuming that LTTE killed Rajiv, what does that has to do to us from reaching out to our brothers and sisters? I mean Rajiv was not in authority when he was killed. But Indira Gandhi was a Prime Minister when her body was riddled with bullets from a machine gun. But that did not stop Sikhs from reaching out to their brothers in sisters in need. Even though the need was not upon their lives. Democracy boss.
So this is our
Rule 3: LTTE’s alleged connections to Rajiv massacre holds no responsibility on us to reach out to Tamils in Eezham. 

//The Rajiv killing shuffles its way through LTTE, RAW, China, CIA and stuff. Complicated and Troubled. I am really looking forward to the future, for some wikileaks to crack open some truth.//

See all TN politicians, actors and most of the thinktanks, writers, social activists are not to be trusted. You do have enough momentum and appeal to make this movement pure, intact  and successful. You dont need any other fucker’s attention or support. Just dont even think about joining hands with them. So as the agitators who wants you to give a hate speech or any other sort of hate crime. So this is our
Rule 4: It is to be done by the students and the youths who dont have any other external influence. The loyola students were actually risking their academics and personal life so respect it.

All that being said, I do have one statement and one request. It is true that any great civilization will be subjected to ridicule and hate in a matter of time. The same reason why ‘Madrasi’ is a derogatory term. The same reason why the so called white skinned beautiful people were applauding a foreign dickhead in “SRM University” when she said ‘Dark and Dirty like a Tamizhan’. With that being my statement here comes my request, Keep this movement alive and intact through all the expected and unexpected alien threats, soon We will be looked up again. I mean no violence. No political associations. No big shiny things but just the movement. It is a necessity my dear friends. I wish I was there holding hands with you. One big fuckin salute. You will be noted down in History.


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