The Jungian Diary

This is gonna be a non linear series of fragmented written records of what I understood and what I interpret from Carl G Jung. I knew about Jung from his most famous description of ‘Jungian Archetypes’ which influenced psychological science in a much sturdier definitive path since Freud. Just as I was browsing through the absolutely different section of the library (for an electronics engineer they say), I found the book “Man and His Symbols” by ‘Carl Jung’ and my regressed curiosity on Jung’s original works sprung out. I was in the state of insomnia and my ‘i’ & ‘r’ (“Complex = Imaginary + Real” (pardon my jargon)) just started  collapsing on each other. The clueless co existing human forms with their niche started advising (which was curiosity fucked up with self righteous ego) and I started becoming restless. Though the reason for my ‘complex’ity is not to be divulged, It is just as same as everybody else’s. This book, as I started reading it, pushed me to the verge of this ‘I am not sure if I am sane anymore’-state and slowly built blocks in my psyche. I started feeling strong. I started understanding the importance of a powerful psyche and slowly started dissociating or over engaging myself with whatever that made me feel powerless. It started getting better. My insomnia is gone. To dissect this whole matter for a better understanding -> My insomnia was built around my perplexity about the dreams (I used to have) that leaves me in insufferable pain. On the next level, my dream was not bringing up any problems. It merely addressed and stated my problems which my conscious mind (as I am awake) forcibly kept out (I was pretending to be mentally strong while I was just a normal human with strength and weaknesses all together). So this unconscious was balancing my conscious and thats where I started working. // What started of as a preprocessor to my notes on the book developed itself into a record of what happened within me. I am leaving it as it is because it will help someone somewhere in addressing their issues. Inside and out. //. Please read further based on the context above.

Note 1 : 

Perhaps the most dangerous invention of man since god is that there is no god. It is becoming hard to digest the possibility that letting go of superstitions as a repercussion to the knowledge of Atom, Relativity and Psychiatric advancements was the reason of World Wars (and the steep cruelty of our anima).
Not to forget the cruelty when the superstitions began to find a place in human consciousness. (i.e Crusader Army against Muslims and Pagans, Witch Hunt from 15th – 18th century). // If you think about the time frame in all the incidents used as examples, you will know what Jung meant//.
It almost seems like when mankind undergoes a fulminant change in their faith system, they turn violent. It holds true for the individuals. i.e man kills wife for adultery. It is not because a female went against a male’s authoritative indulgence. If you think about it, had the particular man was mentally ready about the possibility that his wife might sleep with some other guy, he probably would not have killed her. It is the abrupt challenge on his faith (faith system) that made him turn violent against his own wife whom he loved.

# Lesson Learnt : Dont challenge anyone’s faith system. I am not a preacher of any philosophy nor have I the need of disproving anyone or anything.

#Trivia : Now the movie “American Psycho” makes perfect sense. The director and the writer are brilliant.


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