The dream of an Insomniac..

Onto the space that I dare not venture
The world of madness where ego fractures
It reeks of my anger, my pain and weakness
My grip to the sanity of the causal, it delves..

Dining with the ghosts of a time thats long dead
A medley of possibilities, a ruckus in my head..
Longing for this silence that I can only hear
Bails my way out of me who was not even there..

My version:
This whatever I have posted up there deals with an insomniac who is having a very hard time in trying to get rid of something bad from his past. Probably he is an insomniac because of his past. The insomniac often dreams about how things could have happened differently, allowing him some peace that he craves for. Whatever that happened has left a hole that can not be filled. At least he still dont have a way yet to fill that. He optimistically looks up a future where he lets go of his emotional baggage and makes peace with his past. Where he no longer recognizes his own self where he was as that particular event (or events) happened..


2 thoughts on “The dream of an Insomniac..

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    Good write up man. Liked these lines –
    “Dining with the ghosts of a time thats long dead
    A medley of possibilities, a ruckus in my head”..
    But you know the benefit of sleeping? You can dream. And in dreams you can deny,modify,construct,deconstruct or whatever you what want to do to your past and present.

    • I have lost control of my dreams a long time back machan.. Truth be said, I dont care about the dreams that never clings to my conscious memory. The other part, its just haunting.. On the other hand, there is only one dream for an Insomniac. To sleep well 😛

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