33 days more : Mayan Headquarters

//** Emergency Telecast **//
Dear Citizens
In the year 2012, Humankind achieved immortality and an unending war has been conceived between men of power. You have been aware of the discovery we made last year that lets our body to intensify gravitational field around us, thereby bending the light as we wanted and stretch it across the arrow of time. Since then, Time has become something that was no longer defined in the preconceived notion. Our policy about unrestricted science for public access to achieve equality among our citizens started something we could not stop. Some of us were able to communicate through time which brought an apocalypse upon us by the Humans from a different time era.

In their attempt to stop their own demise, they demanded us to restrict the science for men who can use it with extreme caution and rebuild our foundations in order to slower the rate of progress. They proposed something which we disposed as lifeless technology. In one instance, They proposed some instrument made of salts and rods for energy storage and distribution which was so inferior to our Electric Organ Discharge. They have planned to let their world to use this primitive technology and restrict our technology to an elite group of people who will not make it public until they find a solution to stop the destruction over the stretch of time and space. We were also able to see that their war is about unleashing Energy for mass destruction. We saw that The Energy that destroys humankind is a final result of our Energy Programs.

No agreement could not be drawn on either sides. Our law allows everyone for their rights to live. But clearly, It has come to this. With our Energy policies, We can live but the development causes a race among humans that leads to the destruction of the planet. With their proposals, we will no longer be able to feed our next generation. Before we could set up our voting system, something happened. To stop their death, the men of future found an organism that can alter our Body Thermal Energy to dangerous levels that we are a threat to every life form around us. Our President Midas is their first victim. While his mutation allowed him to bear his Body Thermal Unit, It have not found a way to feed its exponential demand for the source. His body depleted whatever Energy that is left and his mutation crystallized his skeletal system and conserved a meager bit of Energy that his dead cells expurgated. While we all felt his dimensional change we picked up a pattern that resembles an epidemic caused by the same organism.

This message warrants you to make a decision. To stay here and fight with men from future to preserve our way of living or to leave the planet. Our Interstellar Transport system begins its schedule today and our capacity to stop the epidemic is not more than 33 days from now. If you choose to stay and fight, please know that all our technology will be self destructed to ensure the safety of our own kind. We wouldn want these men of future to find us among the stars and wage war again. Should you win the war and able to transform yourself to be immune to their biowarfare, please know that Planet Earth will be destructed by these men of future on their fight for power by December 22, 2012.

We hope to see you on the other side of this galaxy. Attempts have been made to communicate to some representatives of these men of future who were not aware of this war between times in what seems to be our last hope of survival in Earth.

//** Emergency Telecast Ends**//

Author’s Note: The post may require you to look up Point of Singularity, Event Horizon, Einstein rosen bridge, EPR Paradox, http://epub.uni-regensburg.de/2108/1/ubr00728.pdf and an open mentality. Good luck!


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