Dreamum Wakeupum.. Critical Conditionum..

Wow.. brilliant song that one.. From the upcoming Bwood movie ‘Aiyaa’.. Kinda catchy tune.. a female playback singer with an extraordinarily sensual voice.. I thought this is it.. We finally mastered the act of directing a condom advertisement that can be aired for late night TV fucking weirdos.. But I was very pleased with the way it turned out to be.
The 30+ year old Rani Mukherjee finally succeeded in her ultimate quest for knowledge it seems.. Dry Humping with a muscular guy on screen.. I can not imagine how much joy and respect it would seek from Non Indians, should they happen to come across it on youtube or something..

This post is may be for them. Ah.. fuck it.. its for me..

First thing first:

I am sure, the director, a Mr. Sachin Kundalkar, is not an asshole who is looking for some cheap ass publicity. His previous works were revered in certain circumstances. May be he is pissed off because of the reception he has got and this is his ‘fuck you all’ piece of work.. But I dont judge.. He has his reasons. What that concerns me is the implications the song provides.. I have seen all kind of disgusting, repulsive, tasteless and almost insanely perverse acts of sex imitation on screen, audio and lyrical. Heck.. I even read a couple of Charu Nivedita’s art(?). But I always chose to disregard it and move on. But not this time. Because of these implications..

Okay.. whats that implication?

It all started with (I believe) SRK’s Om Shanti Om.. With him imitating Rajni Kanth and some unreasonably hilarious fights. Thats fine. Then there was Dirty Picture.. Oh oh.. isnt that a bit odd?? I mean whats up with all those Bwood bong babes?? Why Silk Smitha? Why hurt Rajni Kanth and Kamal Hassan while there was a huge pallet to choose from? but there was no reaction from south side. Then this song came.. I rejected as before knowing better.. but somehow I happen to read the texts before the actual video. That the female lead is a Marathi girl who is a fan of South Indian Masala films.. Then starts the ‘nightmare’.. Wait? shouldn there be any statuary warnings or PG guide information?
Or my grandma should watch this video and have a heart attack? wait again.. Mr. Sachin.. are you implying that my granny should enjoy watching porn? except that porn comes classified and less accessible so that one knows what kind of choice they make.. You get the people unguarded..

This video clearly implies and impersonates South Indian heroes (esp. Kamal Hassan – Moonram Pirai) does Humping, Thumping, Pumping and Jumping on females explicitly ‘on screen’.. well you are right. I am not disputing it. I also get the exaggeration stuff. But, are you for real? Until Perarasu stepped in all these Humping, Thumping wore a mask. A disguise that only adults can see through (unless and until a child is extremely brilliant and curious).. For example “சிந்திய வெண்மணி சிப்பிக்குள் முத்தாச்சு” which means “A dropped white eye transforms into a pearl inside an oyster”. Great lyricists and poets like Vaali, Vairamuthu briefed these subjects under intense words that even adults cant crack open. On the other hand, Discussing sex is not bad at all. In India, which was predominantly a Hindu state, It was considered as holy as Hindu gods themselves. See the sculptures on Temples? If you want more, I would invite you to read “ஆண்டாள் திருப்பாவை” – “Aandal Thiruppavai” which was recited on early mornings of “மார்கழி” December and Early January (you know by “Marghazhi Thingal Madhi Niraindha Nannaalil”) in temples. Except that the last part of this Holy Poem gets into sexual desires of a young woman. Additional info, It was written by a Tamil Female Poet “Andal” of presumably 8th century and she was considered to be one of the Avatars of god “Lakshmi”. See my point? see How sex is indicated with due diligence??

Even the obscene lyrics of this song mentions “Kamasutra”.. I wonder if any of these guys read that literature? One would not attribute such cheap display (a shot actually pushes the viewer to visualize ‘fellatio’) of sexual act had he been reading Vatsyayana. There are certain stuffs that makes human better than rest of the kingdom animalia. One of them is discreetness in certain actions. How you present a data actually determines the viewer’s perception of data. Not all the people who watches this video just enjoys it and forgets. What about kids? What about the pregnant and aged ??  what about confused teens?? But these were not just this song’s mistake. Its been happening for a while. This song’s mistake is to take it out on South Indian Masalas..

The video this song imitates is presumably http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoSilMsNH-M “Ponmeni Urugudhe” from the movie “Moondram Pirai”. If you have watched the movie, you will get to know how advanced South Indian Cinema is. Should you classify this movie as ‘Masala’, I should turn myself into Dexter Morgan and give you my judgement. That movie is a benchmark on cinematography, acting and directing. The situation this song steps is this. A lonely young woman who married an old man because of her poor economic status, still could not resist the thoughts of another man in her life, and is dreaming now. But what is the situation the imitated http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYK1o261F18 “Dreamum Wakeupum” steps in? Know the difference? But still you are right. It is allowed in terms of sarcasm. But who are you making fun of? Kamal Hassan and Balu Mahendra? well know this..

* It is not Hrithik Roshan who is the best dancer among Indian heroes. It is Allu Arjun..
* The cameramen behind every notable Bollywood film is Tamil, and probably a student of P.C.Sreeram..
* Kamal Hassan, is more talented than any Bwood heroes ever and one of the best actor India has got.. (I may be biased cos I am his fan)
* Rajni Kanth, has got more fans and market than SRK or Big B..
* Gulzar once said that he had rather let Vairamuthu pen down his lyrics first to get inspired for Tamil – Hindi bilinguals when Maniratnam and AR Rahman were around..
* The number of best directors are arguably, more in Tamil and Telugu, in recent years, than the whole Bwood..
* Malayalam’s John Abraham, Adoor Gopalakrishnan and Sibimalayil were a whole class apart..
* Kannada film industry may not be in best shape but they were the leaders of Indian cinema industry for 3 decades sometime back..
* AR Rahman and Ilayaraja are incomparable with the other Indian Music Directors.
*Just look up at the number of South Cinemas that was nominated to Oscar and relate with Bwood nominations, pushing the lobbying aside..
*Quick bite, take a time frame. Watch all the Tamil movies in that time frame. And then watch all the Bollywood movies on the same time frame. You will know what you have been seeing and what you missed to see..

Then you will get this question about the song and its kind. Is that an act of frustration or you really believe that “these people are jackasses”?? I am sorry but this is pucca regionalism and I hate to be branded.. especially when I am branded on misinterpretation.. and I dont mean myself when I say ‘I’.. This post is not assuming every Bwood personalities out there to be shallow. I take pride when Anurag Kashyap credits Bala, Ameer and Sasikumar in “Gangs of Wasseypur”. I dont declare this is the way it should be. But that pride is also a pleasure that comes from the fact that there is another Indian from Bollywood who acknowledges the ‘South Indian Cinema’ than just branding us to be the lovers of junk like ‘Dreamum Wakeupum’. Good luck you all for trying and creating something better to show on screen..


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