Happy Birthday Mahatma Gandhi.. open the bottle now..

Dear Mr. MK Gandhi
Catchy Title this ‘The Story of My Experiments with Truth’..
But you see, There is no absolute truth.. Any attempts towards recording a truth will only be subjective.. Plus the limitations of a language imposing on thoughts and the ambiguity of any statement and seemingly endless misinterpretations sums up to dispose your arguments and observations..
Therefore your experiment is baseless and not backed up by any empirical data.. Let me continue..

Your statement –
“God is Truth. The way to truth lies through Ahimsa”.
My interpretation –
“God is Truth. The way to truth ‘lies’ through Ahimsa”
My Proof –
The way you preached Ahimsa as a way to approach God challenges “Bhagvad Gita”. So you question ‘Lord Krishna’? or dispose Gita as a biased literature? If thats the case, Would you accept it? If Gita is biased lit. how about Manusmṛti ? would you dissolve caste structures behalf of the benefit of this doubt? I know you considered sending a winning platoon of Indian soldiers to fight along with Royal Army as an act of Ahimsa.. I dont even wanna get there.. My point is, the way to truth ‘lies’ aka ‘bends truth’ itself by Ahimsa (if I might say?). So your Autobiography is nothing but an excuse for your attention craving self that puts the misdeeds you have done with a context of finding the truth by those misdeeds. I know you cant reply. But I am hoping the legacy still stands and it will answer me. Like a garbage truck that passes us and long gone but still stays around my hysteric self to make me cover my nose as if my hankies are unaffected by the very same environment.

Who the hell am I? What am I talking about? I am so sorry. I forgot you are Lord Ram devotee and by default you are not that into Lord Krishna(?). So should you be alive by December 6, 1992; Babri Masjid would have been………. oh fuck it..

Happy Birthday.. Have a booze.. thats another way of experimenting with truth. I know you will buy only Desi Booze but check out IMFL too.. cos Vijay Mallya’s share holders aint no desi so no shit is different shit.. holla at me if you find any truth..


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