Desi Agriculture.. Lets welcome WALMART..

So basically it comes to this. The company that sells super overpriced faulty seeds that not only fails to become crops but are also sterile, pesticides – insecticides which contains unbreakable compounds of toxin (which can not be removed by rinsing in water) that affects your nervous system, pays under the bench to politicians, lobbyists and officials to let them continue their massacre(farmers suicide when their crops fail)..

When there were questions govt (politicians, lobbyists and officials) gives the tax payer’s money to cover up the losses (blood money)..

The tax payer (essentially everybody) finds himself paying up for a part of the failed crops along with whatever he buys.. Plus, his money is also being given by the government to the deceased farmers’ families.. The officials still get paid under the table by the families to get the govt’s money..

The company ends up killing the farmers, shooting prices for the food over the roof, forces farmers to leave their business..
Then their partners come here.. buys these lands for cheap (unproductive resource)..
Uses better crops, insecticides gets a fruitful production.. and then EXPORTS it (with the benefits in their pockets)..
The govt imports back.. levies taxes over it to cover up.. brings Inflation upon us..
Then the govt and some devil’s show masters tells the people that they can open up their market here to bring down the prices.. VOILA.. Lets welcome Walmart or whatever..

The Devil himself..
with just one ambition.. Kill Indian farmers..

you name any of the woes this country’s agricultural community (consumers too) faces, there is Mr. Monsanto in it.
# crops that can not reproduce (suicide seeds)
# Farmers suicide (
# bt Cotton bt Brinjal (the url above)
# Endo Sulphan (the poison you eat day to day)..

The details of Suicide seeds, bt cotton, Genetic Usage Restriction Technology aka TERMINATOR technology, Farmers suicide rate in India, Market Inflammation is up to you.. I am sorry I was unable to make this all a picture(yes! .jpeg) so you can share it in your facebook or twitter and show your friends how socially responsible you are..


3 thoughts on “Desi Agriculture.. Lets welcome WALMART..

  1. GM foods have adverse impact on us, as human body can’t bear genetic foods.I may not be correct here. But wanted to write. Unfortunate Farmer suicide occurs because of their low return for their crops, drought, less productivity, monsoon failure and high price. Hybrid ,and GM crops are produced to overcome all these drawback and also commercially it gives farmers a huge success for their money investing in GM food. So my question is by stopping GM and hybrid crops practice, How can we make agriculture a safe haven for farmers?

  2. macha.. read that second link that I have posted just above your comment. They genetically modify these crops so that farmers cant reuse the seeds it produces. It is called Terminator or Suicide Seeds.. Which is really a disaster. See the case study in that report. About bT Cotton. GMO food items may or may not be rejected by body though there is no solid study to prove it. An important french scientist is running an experiment for almost 2 years now.

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