Deconstructing India – The Textbook version

  • India is a beautiful country with a diverse eco system.
  • India is the land of cultural heritage and philosophy.
  • India has the most of intelligent people..
  • India is the software destination..
  • India showed the world about peace and patience..
  • India stands among top 5 in Defense capabilities..
  • India has the maximum population as workforce in their physical prime..
  • India is a democratic country..

beautiful aint it?? I am not gonna lie to you.. everything up there is the truth.. how much we know about these prides is the ?? If you are a literature fan, consider this as the deconstruction of India as a symbol. Rest of us term it as Cross Section of India –  the text book version.

India is a beautiful country with a diverse eco system:

Beautiful. We have bits of Sahara, Artic, Africa, South America, Europe here. Namely Thar, Himalayas, Sundarbans, Delhi – Mumbai, Pondy – Goa. This variety in geography relates to the bio diversity India has got. With unique animals being Tiger, Rhino and other creatures I am not aware of. What do we do? We push them to their extinction. But thats another story. What I want to say here is what does the Magnificent Government of India – GOI has done to achieve this. Achieve? Are you kidding. This GOI cant preserve the forest. It arrests the layman who sells (15000 Rs.) the Sand Boa to a chain of command. However, the kingpins who sells the same Sand Boa (15 lakhs – 2 crores) have never been caught. Why? Intelligence does not covers up this jurisdiction? What about Customs? Port Authority of India? in short, the GOI.. Its funny right? How can GOI do this when they are covering up the blood in their hands that has been shed by the habitats of the Forests of India. Look at this, you recruit an undereducated guy from village – give him training on weapons – tell him he is CRPF, BSF – dont educate them to turn them to be social beings – give him bullets and tell him to shoot some people who they dont have any introduction or an idea about because they are anarchists?? Who is an anarchist? The one fights against invaders who are pledged to strip them of their lands and livelihoods or the one who kills his own people to sell the land to an alien for his own personal benefit? Scratching heads? GOI’s pawns – the turning wheels of this big machine – gets illicit money from Multi National Corporations, Both Inland and foreign to write off their mineral fertile lands to these vampire corporations.. POSCO, Vedanta etc.. Look at this.. GOI.  You have got every means and methods to excavate your own mineral. Why should you sell it to some corporation from South Korea? On top of that, you kill your own citizens because they are opposing the deal? The deal where you get 10% of the total profit estimated by the organization?? The exotic forests of India. A thing of Pride. Lined to be mowed down by foreign blades.. Blood of this country. To be sucked by vampires.. Accomplishments of GOI #1.

India is the land of cultural heritage and philosophy:

ahaa.. The master card. Magnum Opus. Talk about virginity and importance of monogamy when your own history says you were a polygamous society. Christians and Muslims no bar. You and the other share the same history. Besides, cultural heritage stands for Arts, Literature and Science. What does GOI do to preserve this? We dont even put up a fight with some countries who wants to get hold of the license of some products which belongs to us. United States of America says Rice belongs to them. I dont know who they are talking about? The apaches who were eeehaawwing on their horses with beheaded human parts when we were exporting Rice to Middle East? Solar System. Check – Europe. Mathematics. Check – Middle East. Dance forms. Check – Latin America. Medicine. Check Europe. OMG.. There are bundle of proofs that we were way ahead of them in all these stuffs. Laplace transformation?? Theory of Relativity?? You name it.. You doubt. Go check yourself. The only thing we did not do is developing. The west knew we dont credit our own people and they can simply steal the Ideas. Check. Marconi. Pardon me J.C. Bose. Philosophy?? We were great. Now those grandeur of philosophy is resting with Baba Fucking Ramdev who can give it to you in EMI. Where are your brains?? you people. Have you ever tried to reason Thirukural?? and the Grand Master, GOI, only puts a check on B F Ramdev when he gets on his heels to harvest the fruits of phony, tailored, out of the blue, paid off nationalistic movement of Anna Hazarre. Any one tried to reason how this man was able to draft the ultimate solution of this country’s misery? Does he knows laws? or familiar with International Politics? Economics? Political science? Can you be so sure that he drafted the Janlokpal bill by himself without any help? If the bill was preconceived what the hell he was doing since it was conceived?? any previous known statements?? GOI.. The greatest trick DEVIL has ever pulled is making people believe that he is less powerful than GOD.

India has the most of intelligent people:

Yeah. We know it. They are NRI’s. How can they still be here? Its not about money. Its about Recognition. Respect. You guys have read “Wings  of Fire’? APJ talks about the guy he knows from DRDO.. He was swindled by the bureaucrats to the extent that he lost love for his country and left to France for a job that offered him a post where no one can toy him around. Are we gonna criticize him?? It is true that top notch brainy types suck up the taxpayer’s money and leaves to foreign countries to earn more. What is wrong with them? It is you that typecasted the success with settling in America. GOI. You could’ve created an interest in those IITians by stopping all your nonsense. I prefer voluntary service in a sovereign establishment that would benefit for the Country’s development. Trash my idea. At least I am thinking of something to prevent brain – drain.What did you do? IITians and the rest of Einsteins. You dont want to serve? Pay up a hefty sum. You want to stay? I pay you with respect and decent money. GOI. You are not gonna ask everybody to volunteer for serving in the military establishments like eurpean countries right?? No one is gonna get killed doing this for the money they ate up.

India is the software destination:

Status. Huh? IT and ITES. Well suck at this. India is no longer a preferred destination for these services. Other guys lined up. For a much better deal. GOI did not create Software Engineers. The country’s talent pool is self accumulated. Driven by Individuals like Narayana Moorthy, Shiv Nadar etc.. Carried by middle class parents who always wanted the best to their children. They built a saving face for India Inc. An address in the Global Villa. Otherwise, India could’ve been stomped by MNC’s.. Now what can GOI do for the sustainability.. in the least? Infrastructure, yes. What did they do? Fail. Piss those firms off.. They are ready to be outta here. On the other hand, The Chinese have established protocols to learn Software from India. What did you do GOI? If those Chinks can do some electronics, so as these North East Indians. Or did you just think they are just sexual drain for your perverted bunch of men in uniforms. Ahh.. Wait? Will you guys rape my own sisters if TamilNadu has been sharing borders with some Barbaric country? Manipal Institute of Technology tells you something. I am a guy with half wit and I can understand that. Cant you GOI? Dont you want your strong base in Electronics when those Chinks starts stomping in Software. Those MNC’s wants to go out because of Operational Cost. You want to cut down costs?? Just give us a stable power supply goddammit.. What? 60 years of Independence and you have unfulfilled basic life support? yet?India showed the world about peace and patience:Wait. Are we talking about our father of nation? No. I am talking about the reason why we got Independence. After being ass kicked in world war 2, Winston Churchill could not run the government without people from the age group of 20-45 who are valiant and committed. After losing a chunk of such personalities to German Artilleries, the only sensible thing to do is to retract the remaining work force from their slave countries. VOILA.. Mahathma Gandhiji won freedom to our country. Wait. Having second thoughts? Then why in the Hell the man of peace ordered the Indian Army to fought alongside of British. Is war peace? I didn know that. Kill me. Leo Tolstoy didn know that. You are a man when you send your army to INA. But now, You are a traitor. Wondering how GOI connects to this? Kill me again. I am not talking about BJP that ruled 5 years out of 60 years of Independence. Its this Congress. Indian National Congress that is the GOI. Been. being. and will be. MK Gandhi is GOI. You got that?

India stands among top 5 in Defense capabilities:

However. I am a fan of Indian Army myself. Could work for them anytime. But you want me to kill my Tamil people in my Brotherhood? FUCK YOU.. I am a fan of Indian Army which out flanked enemies in the wilds of Bangladesh. Which Created a new country to ensure its sovereignty crushing the west’s dominance in the region. Indira Gandhi. The only leader I am proud of, still, Has done this massive achievement. Dont understand the gravity of the situation. Well Imagine this Idiots-running Pakistan standing on either side of your arms. Waiting to scavenge as soon as you are dead. Wishing you are dead. Always running a coup d’état?? You cant protect your people’s interest (If GOI thinks TN is in India) invading the sovereignty of some other country.OK. What about my Fishermen? Want them dead to sell their seas? Like you are doing in Thandakaranya forests? Only this time you use someone else’s army to kill your own people? I want Indian Army which does not rapes my sisters in North East India. In Kashmir. In Vanni. I want Indian Army to protect my people and their interests. Both Inland and Foreign. What did you do to East Pakistan men? Cant you man up for that in Srilanka? If you are thinking about China, why you are not responding to their derogatory comments. Claiming Arunachal Pradesh is not enough insult? Deal. How about  selling slippers that has your flag printed on it? Ah wait. I remember the Army Chiefs commenting seriously on Chinese presence in POK. What did you respond to the chief’s comment GOI? what? Now you wanted to sell that part of India to China? Instead of some corporations? GOI. You sold our air EM spectrum to Foreign elements. You came in to MIG 26s deal and killed our pilots. Finally you dared your corrupted hand into the soldier’s BODY ARMOR. You might poison their supply as well. You consciously let “Ottavio Quattrocchi” flee to facilitate your stalling in BOFORS Tank case. Were you fucking bidding bye bye to him?? Did he say Adios to someone who-not-be-named to keep this post from getting fucking audited under Kapil Sibal’s order??

India has the maximum population as workforce in their physical prime:

Aint that a thing of beauty? A joy forever? Joy that cheers up to Sachin Tendulkar’s TON and does not cares about the Army General’s plea? Joy that shows their uppity nationalism by wearing clown ass costumes that reads “I support Anna Hazarre”? Why the hell did you support him? Havent you paid any bribes? have you ever stood up against Bribes? In your RTO office? To cover the delay in your license? your Passport? your College admission? Did you even know how much this JanLokPal can do to the improvement of this society? Can you name the terms? then why in the hell you say “I am Team Hazarre”. If you have read the post fully, you will know why you have done that. Mass Hypnosis. Media. Who owns them? Maran Brothers? Sahara Subrata Roy? Then how can you expect unbiased news people? If one man is not playing straight in the game. He is either out or he is not alone. In this case, He is not at all. Not by 1%. What can we do? We can stop being hypocrite and look for real news. Thats out there. All you need is the real interest on something you wanted to share which will make you probe behind the scene. I dont have to bring in GOI here. Its the puppet master people. The workforce thats oblivious to international trends, Business models, breaking stereotyped patterns. Thanks to GOI.

India is a democratic country:

I have to type you-know-who to stop the AI of FB to probe into this note and stop it from being published. Thats how democratic India is. GOI. Thank you. I cant wait to get out of the country which I love with every living tissue of mine.


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