Being God:

“Being God” is a statement which dismisses the thought that there is actually something beyond perception called God. God is not a “Being”. We all have read sometime back in Theory books that “Be + Ing” is present continuous. A present continuous has a starting point while it might have an end too. Now this is an uncertainty which questions the very essence of God, as a concept and / or as a supernatural life form. Therefore it is an atheistic statement. But again, An Atheist, when says being God is actually accepting the presence of God. So “Being God” is a fundamental statement which contradicts with everything it makes sense of. That is what this read is about; to understand the uncertainty of being an Atheist or a believer.

Let us look into God as a concept.  Simply, his presence is something beyond Binary answers right? Briefly, If you are a believer my question is, Is your god a psycho to mess with lives?? If you are an Atheist, my question is what do you propose for the questioning nature of Mankind? In an Atheistic view, God, as a concept is a Defense Mechanism of man’s intelligence when there were no empirical answers for the elemental nature of his world. When a man hears a thunder and his consciousness is killing him by its questioning nature with his intelligence far behind the Atomic Interaction concepts, he simply creates a God. When he has nothing inside him to establish his instinct based sense of control over other man, he calls in his God to help him. When he tastes the very essence of control over fellow beings without physical exercise, he begins to develop a psyche attraction towards his God. His Intelligence pushes him the importance of spreading his god so he can establish a sophisticated living. Later, he loses himself to the frenzy and becomes self-delusional. In times, Atheistic views looks reasonable but that is the problem; it always “looks” reasonable. What if there is an actual god manipulating the energy across this universe? How does the gravity shows in with various proportions dependent / independent on mass of the planet? Why does it is11.2 kmph making most molecules stick to this Planet engaging themselves in an endless energy transaction to create and sustain life? A steady state condition might as well be established to stop this chaotic behavior instead of this universe actually growing. Atheists cannot give a definite answer to these questions.
When science becomes the Atheist’s religion he believes he is someone special. This is actually a modern cult of the same primitive man who tried to establish control over his fellow being. Get my point? Atheists and believers share same protocol of the DNA structure that demands control over fellow beings. A more romantic science man can call this an oblivious statement but let us take Einstein’s Mass – Energy relativity concept. From the point of singularity* everything is about statuary nature of particles and waves aka mass ~ Energy (Quantum Mechanics). E = MC^2; the revolutionary theory that solved a great deal of unsolved mysteries of science that were hindering its ultimate success over God. When science men started to rejoice their giant leap towards shattering God, as an element and as a belief, a Great hindrance was self-evoked by the theory. E = MC^2 is just great explaining the Thermodynamic nature of entropies in entities but it failed, in fact the most serious blow over scientific community, in explaining the Entity for the entropy calculated for the empirical volume of this universe. Simply, you have measured the volume of water Amazon displaces to the Atlantic Ocean and your measurement method measures the volume of water in all seven oceans to be lesser than Manasarover Lake. Get the point? So there is a huge lag between the measurement made based on the Law and the actual presence of water. Similarly, the total energy of the universe “E” (entropy) does not have the Mass “M” (entity) to hold / explain. But at the same time, E = MC^2 cannot be proved wrong and its importance is such great to be dismissed as invalid.
E = MC^2 (holds good for particles and waves, explains worldly energy transfer. So It is used to calculate mass or energy or sometimes in particle accelerators the velocity of light.)Particle Accelerator is a system.
E = MC^2 (Proposes a value as the energy of this universe which is as feeble as of an ANT’s energy to be the ElephANT’s. If you create a Mathematical Model based on the value it gives you would not even construct a galaxy while it meant for the whole universe). Here, Universe is also, a system.
In order to overcome this discontinuity, Scientists proposed “Dark Matter” as the Dimensionally Invisible but existing matter which serves as the Entity for the Entropy calculated. This is more of a suggestion to be an Empirical data. But still, Dark Matter, which makes space not an empty, void or vacuum but with matter (hence space is a medium) which makes better understanding of Quantum Theory, does not holds good enough to be the Entropy on the estimations mankind has made. Some contradictions within these unique uncompromisingly supremacist Theories was attempted to be quantized by other supportive theories like superstring theory. Superstring theory proposes dimensions to the matter which might include Dark Matter in a plain context. But still, the million dollars has not been claimed by the scientific society. The Unified theory of Universe or simply, the theory of everything uses Relativity theory, Quantum Mechanics and Uncertainty principle to travel to the 10^46 parts of the first second of the universe, thereby estimating the Big Bang not as a definitive action, but as a series of event combined in just the right probability to start off another series of event known as Big Bang and the birth of universe. Let me put it this way, a collection of Atom diffuses ‘n’ number of times and at last it reaches the probable diffusion which establishes a sustainable reaction event with by products being life forms. This event creates a certain combination of forces that helps it establish its own territory which is actually expanding due to the continuum of the reaction. When the reaction ends, its territory starts to roll back as the energy tends to lose its entropy while transmitting through mediums. Now what if man created this so called event accidentally? He actually does not know what to do with it..?? On the other hand, what if man creates this event deliberately as in Particle Accelerators? If the constituents of the atom diffused gained some conscience (GOD’s work?) or if the man is successful imparting a certain code into the constituents as its conscience? We are the god to these self-aware constituents when they start to get an explanation of the way the things are, around it. We might never know if the particle is self-aware with the Dimensions our science supports us. Obviously, we cannot decide the behavior of every new constituent but we can influence a mass effect. If some of these self-0aware constituents turns against the effect (as in Atheist beliefs) then the mass effect will not work as we expected it.
Now let us imagine ourselves as a constituent in a diffused Atom called universe!!
The Uncertainty of our being slams in our face right?
Let us throw the postulates away and look at us. Why cant we interpret the energy that makes the most part of this universe? Its most likely because, if we found out the secret entity and its entropy (dead people??) we will try to manipulate it which might cause an undeterminable characteristic change of this universe which is completely out of control. So in the quest of being in control we will unlock havoc in the system called universe. It will settle in another highest probability of self-sustainable events which is definitely not the desired future for this mankind.
In all these postulates, we should learn one thing that is quite prudent. There is a natural system of events one linked with another. Any needless disturbance in the system might cause it to affect permanently changing the combinations to perform another sustainable system of events. Being a believer or Atheist is not at all a needless disturbance (An Atheist can cause interruption to the flow determined by its creator but he can influence a new sustainable code). The Inability of God and the profanity of an Individual is the same cause for the effects produced. Let us just say the inability of God is Satan. So being a profaner is always the Anti-God or in other words a crazy variable that is affecting the probability of the survival of its own system or the variable that instigates another system of event (world) to be caused.
If we tried to trace back the event before the 1 / 10^46 of the second (to be sure before the point of singularity) of this universe’s birth there must be another system which was self-aware and Instigated an action that caused its extinction giving chance to the next probable event.
X is one who might be an Atheist or a believer but conditionally a profaner. Y is one who might be an Atheist or a believer but the perfect variable of this system’s survival.
What are you?? Remember, we always have choice.
P.S: Science must admit the uncertainty of tracing the previous system because of the lack of system variables and an Infinite set of probabilities. That does not or does mean its God who started all this. But whoever started this is out of control now and may be just observing right now. Let us just say, a not so powerful GOD. In my way, God is my system and the code that runs it.
Point Of Singularity: The point where Time and space starts. The moment this universe is born. The moment before which everything is uncertain.


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