Stepping in surrealism..

I was dead.. My spirit was floating above my bed like an integral dust in a can of water. Within minutes my whole life was relaying right in front of my eyes as if I made an autobiographic movie of myself. Then I tunneled through the walls of my home and the visibility of my physical remains was hazing out and out and out. I could not find the right words to describe the nature of the journey I made because the space – time relationship was weird like a crazy butterfly. I was able to see figures inside the sun with my naked eyes and still there was not a single sense of feeling the luminosity. You can visualize it like when you see a river your vision freezes and you can see a place where there was no river but the rocks trembling, breaking itself to soil, and a vegetation and a glacier and a meltdown and finally the river which was there when it all started with you.

I was being dragged into an empty void and all of a sudden there was a breath – taking picturesque view. Its hell. No, it is heaven. It is anything but definitely not the world we knew.. Everything was strange like I said about a collapsed space- time continuum. I found people, cattle, insects and several other life forms but not like the ones we knew with a green skin and a protruded belly. In fact, they were more beautiful to be a reindeer or a human.  I was astonished with these fixations then I realized  people are looking into my eyes as if they knew me even when I was a womb.

As I started walking down the boulevard of eternity, I met Alexander, he said his death at mid 30s was unacceptable..

I met Gandhi ji, he said the way he died was unacceptable..

I met Julius Caesar, Shah Jahan, the Mason who built the Taj Mahal and too many other people. We all were discontented about their death.. We decided to question the almighty so as to get our soul back for a re birth..

Alexander, the great, the brave, was the first one up, as usual.. God replied, I gave all my fortune to your blade, you exploited it before its time… I got you back..

Along came the Gandhi ji, wondering how could he face such worst extinction, whilst he preached ahimsa to the world..   God replied; I got you, because, you contradicted yourself when it came for the world war, it was you who cleared the go for Indian army, to serve GB.. All the peace you was talking about meant to kill thous of people. you know what? I counted on you.. I gave all of my love to your soul, you abandoned it. How am I supposed to react for the failure of my greatly expected experiment?? My hope on mankind started to diminish when you started being you. When you forced my boy Ambedkar with the worst violence one can ever Imagine, turning people against one, so that he is despised by every other human of your country, your bullet was made.

As god finished with Gandhiji, Each and every others realized their grave errors and wondered the almighty and the precision of his Judgement.. I was the last one, as usual, listening to everybody.. God called me..

You wonder why you been here?

I said, yeah.. I saw remarkable people, who abandoned your gifts and suffering for that..

God replied; Ah.. At last, comes an understanding to this poor soul.. This experiment is something inward..

Err.. Excuse me.. May I know what am I doing here? As long as I remember, I dont have any gifts from you to abandon..

He replied; You still are an oblivion aint you? Lemme tell you what..

I gave you the best girl I have ever created, Thinking you’d be her happiness..

you’d be her protector..

her soul mate..

her reason to survive amidst all those high tides she’s been facing since she was a born as a girl..

But you’d her soul broken.. I just cant see my best creation suffer..  I’d rather wish you to begone from this universe.. Forever. He was breathing heavily as he said that, scaring me for not even deserving a hell..

He saw me questioned and added, Its her to plead for you to be back.. GET LOST!! and remember.. Your life is her’s.. Your Life Is Her’s resonated along the spiral ways of the same weird journey.

The next thing I know is pumping myself up off the bed in my room.. whoof.. I was breathing like I am going to swallow all the air this world has to offer.  was it a dream? Oh no.. If its a REM, I cant jump of the bed.. no one can.. and also, dreams can not be linear, at least as consistent and as sweeping as this one. Where does this amazing memoir had go, if it’d been a dream.. I was sweating.. My skin’s temperature was like a frozen turkey.

I reached out for a can of water only to find it empty. Hey, didn I fill it up while I turned off my computer. As I wondered, My hands ran for my phone to render some of its light to this awfully dark room. Yeah.. I found it. I started unlocking my phone and it showed,1 new text message from “dont mind”.

It was me who pseudo named her in my phone as “dont mind” and it was working for me. But, as this night had not been the usual, I pressed few buttons with a pounding heart and read, “If you dont return this text, find me in the morgue this morning”, And believe me, thats her problem.. She means everything she says, no dillydallying..

What ever, Now I know what to do, dont I? Is that a problem if she says I wish I’d not met you, for I know that we both knew I am her breath as she is mine.. Oh baby im missing you so much. I wanted to call her right away and propose her and her family, a marriage. But Its 3 a.m.

With a new spirit I started texting to my phase of life where we would be what you say, “made for each other”.  Love you baby..

Pseudo end: whoooff.. I wondered, did she plant an idea in my mind while I was sleeping?? and muttered, goddamn movies.. As I was about to sprung out the bed, the can filled with water rolled away singing its song of non deterministic nature of life or what we call, FATE..


10 thoughts on “Stepping in surrealism..

  1. Dreams(Inception), Hell and Heaven , Ur ideas towards great leaders and their deeds, atlast ur love , put up everything as a stream. Clever and Smart !! I love the last part , ur doubt as if she incepted ur dreams…!!! 🙂

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